Terms & Conditions


• It is requested to carry NID/Passport/Driving License or any similar photo identification to have an orderly entry at the event. 

• Make the entry within 6pm. No re-entry is permitted.

• Children aged less than 11 years are not required to get the pass, but to prove the age.



• Online registration is mandatory to collect the ticket. (Online Registration: www.signatureofrhythm.com)

• This is of course a single entry pass – not to photocopy or re-use.

• SQMCL holds total right to refuse the entry or to remove any individual or group from the premises, deemed as a security threat or an element of  

   disturbance for others or the program.

• Entry wristband will be provided against each Entry Pass in the venue, please make sure to have it on you throughout the tenure of the event.

• No refunds will be allowed for cancellation.



• No bag is allowed; only females are allowed to carry a single purse (8”x 6”). Please remember, there will be no safe keeping/storage facility

   available at the venue.

• As soon as the program begins, all cellphone or other hand-held devices should be put to silent.

• The schedule of performances may change without prior notice.

• Keep your belongings and important objects at your own risk. SQMCL will not take any responsibility for the damage or loss of your belongings.

• No parking facility will be provided by the organizers at the venue.



• Maintaining the Code of Conduct is mandatory inside the venue. Inappropriate gestures and sexual harassment will not be tolerated; necessary

   actions will be taken on the spot by the help of the Government security team if happens.

• The whole venue will be under CCTV surveillance. The use of professional cameras, video and sound recording equipment is strictly prohibited. Any

   item/device which may cause any danger or disruption to other members of the audience or to the program will be confiscated.

• No outside food and beverage is allowed inside the concert premises.

• No firearms or sharp objects will be allowed.

• Drugs, cigarettes, lighter, vapor will not be allowed inside the premises.


Table Details & Facilities

a. Each Table contains 10(Ten) person’s sitting capacity

b. Complimentary  snacks.  

c. Dedicated Serviceteam for Table zone (VIP Zone)  

d. Table branding with Company logo. (Table talker)

e. Company Logo projection facility on LED for corporate clients.

 f. Opportunity of building business networks with other invited and visiting guests.

Other Facilities


10 food & Beverage  Brands from different Categories


Notifying Local thana, a team of Elite Force and 64 CC Cameras for Surveillance

Fire Emergency

Fire Brigade will be notified incase of emergency


1 medical booth with doctor and nurse and 1 stand by ambulance


Other Facilities

Vehicle Parking

Parking Facilities for VIP guests

Child Care

For infant care

Smoking Zone

smoking  zone with VIP Facilities

Sponsor’s Zone

Sponsors will have their own zone within the venue


The whole event will run on generator